4 Little-Known Realities of Selling On Facebook That Experts Are Not Telling You

Do you want to become an e-commerce guru? Selling on Facebook is the shortcut. This statement is becoming common in the virtual arena. When you browse through various pages on the Google results, each of them will be praising the trend of driving sales through Facebook. Several pages will present infographics to authenticate their argument.  You rarely get a site or a blog with information against Facebook as a selling channel. However, the question is: do these authors present the real state, or the message is marketing hype? Or else, are the bloggers taking the advantage to drive traffic on their sites without providing equal value to the readers? To obtain the answers to these questions, you need to know about the realities surrounding selling on Facebook. Here are the top four:

20% of online shoppers in the US are using Facebook

What if you secured 20% of all online sales? This report would be a good idea for you. With such a market share, you will be on your way to kingship in your niche. As you are aware, online shopping is a norm in the US. Customers are no longer finding time to visit in-stores and malls for shopping. One of the places they are using to buy products is Facebook. As they socialize with their peers, they are spending time searching for products. Hence, if you are focusing on customers in the United States, leveraging the power of Facebook selling is recommendable. Read more on what to do connect and sell from Facebook to billions of users.

It is the largest online marketplace after search engines

When you mention social platforms, many people interpret it to mean Facebook. Even though other social media are available, they do not have a huge impact. Facebook comes with a bunch of benefits that are crucial for any entrepreneur. First, it has the most significant number of active users hitting 2+ billion per month. Entrepreneurs are using it has a high chance of attracting sellers from this pool. Also, it offers the most affordable and customized online ads. Compared with other advertising platforms, the ROI for your ads is almost a hundred times. Also, you have the opportunity to optimize your ads to target a particular audience. This option is not available on other platforms. Hence, selling on Facebook enhances your profitability potentials while minimizing your advertising costs.

It is the most powerful tool to build or kill your brand

Creating an online brand is not a breeze. You must work hard to develop a winning brand. As the leading social platform, Facebook provides an opportunity for building your brand with ease. You have a chance to meet up with your potential customers through a social approach and using the language they understand. Also, through the reviews and comments, you receive from them, you can understand the weaknesses and shortfalls of your brands. Such information helps you to rectify them immediately.
Also, your customers will post reviews comparing your services/products with those of your competitors. From the reviews, you can assess their weaknesses and develop strategies that will position you on the top of your niche. On the other side, ignoring Facebook can be the beginning of your brand death. When you fail to offer the right information about your brands, competitors will take that opportunity to create and spread viral rumors. This way, your brand will die naturally.
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Selling on Facebook places you a trend business

People always love associating with updated business. You will receive new customers when you launch a new product. The same way it will be when you add a new selling channel. Selling on Facebook is one way of presenting as a trendy business. By this, you will attract more buyers to your venture.
Selling On Facebook