Facebook Shop by Shopify: What Can You Expect?

So, you want to launch a Facebook shop by Shopify, but you are not sure how to complete this task? Well, you are in luck because we have created this blog post which will definitely help you. Before you start a shop like this, you have to finish three things. First of all, you must build at least one Shopify store which will be fully functional. In addition, you must have a Facebook page where you have all the privileges of an administrator. Finally, you need a Facebook Business Manager, a tool that can help you build a product catalog which will be part of your integrated Facebook shop by Shopify.

Those of you who want to build a shop section via Shopify, must log on the dashboard and simply add a new sales channel. In this case, we are talking about Facebook. Facebook will ask for permission to connect your Facebook account with Shopify. In this way, you will launch the brand new shop section on the page. In the end, visitors will get a chance to browse your offer on Facebook, on the page, with the help of their desktop and laptop computers as well as with their mobile devices – tablets and smartphones.

The shop section is present in the Page Tabs. Every product, price, description, and information will be synchronized automatically. In other words, everything you see on your Facebook page will be present on your Shopify store and vice versa.

While we are talking about integration between Shopify and Facebook, we should mention Facebook Pixel. In order to get the most from this integration, it is highly recommended to use Facebook Pixel. Add this tool to your Shopify store and you will feel all the benefits. Facebook Pixel is a tool that tracks and provides information which is important for those who are planning Facebook promotions. In other words, you will get a chance to create better and more effective marketing campaigns in the future. While it’s true that Facebook and Shopify integration is great for online business, don’t forget that there are thousands of other Facebook stores out there. The only way to beat your competition is to invest in Facebook promotions.

By implementing the things that we have shared in this blog post, every online store owner should be able to maximize the results of their venture with the Facebook shop by Shopify.