How to sell on Facebook using Shopify: A Simple Guide

It turns out that Shopify and Facebook have joined their forces to let small business owners sell their products in an easier way. One of the things that can confirm this is that online retailers can rely on Facebook Messenger to sell things online. This is one of the methods that you can use to sell things on Facebook via Shopify.

How to sell on Facebook using Shopify is a common question and this article provides a simple answer. Our advice is to use Facebook Messenger because this process is very simple. Everything a business needs is a Facebook Page and a Shopify account. In this way, they can use Shopify’s FB Messenger sales channel to sync the product catalogs and market products directly to their potential clients when using the popular messaging application by Facebook.

What’s great is that every store owner can answer all the questions that their clients may have in real time. This is definitely something that will improve customer satisfaction and clear any dilemmas that they may have about your products. If a client decides to buy a product, they can complete the transaction through Facebook Messenger.

In order to buy things via Facebook Messenger, users should start a conversation with any business and use the Shop Now button to activate the product catalog within the application and start browsing. Once they’ve found the right product, they should click the buy button and share their payment info. The checkout portal developed by Shopify is integrated into the app. In other words, this is a simple process that brings benefits both to buyers and sellers.

Besides the Facebook Messenger app, businesses can integrate their Shopify shop with their Facebook page. Shopify’s Facebook page integration allows sellers to make a special tab on their Facebook Page which lets users shop from the Facebook application. This business opportunity will become available once you synchronize the existing products on your Shopify online store. Even without an independent online store, you can still add products on your Shopify dashboard and sell them on Facebook.

Before you start selling things with Facebook and Shopify, you should subscribe to Shopify and pick one of their plans. You should also create a Facebook business page. Selling things over social media have become way simpler and one of the reasons for that is the effective Shopify integration.