How to integrate Shopify with Facebook: A Few Easy Ways

Shopify is an eCommerce platform used by thousands of online retailers. This feature-rich platform has many advantages over the other platforms – it’s easy to use, it’s affordable and scalable. Over a year ago, Shopify has added another feature that has made this platform even more popular – the ability to integrate with Facebook. If you are wondering how to integrate Shopify with Facebook, you should know that there is more than one way to achieve this goal.

Facebook Page

Shopify comes with a Facebook application that lets users sell products on Facebook for free. You have to download the Facebook Store application and sell products and receive payments through Facebook. In other words, the entire sales process is conducted via Facebook. This is the perfect integration for driving sales.

Dynamic Product Advertisement

In case you have never heard about dynamic product ads before, you should spend some time learning the basics. To put it in simple words, they represent an ad goal that displays prospects items found in your Shopify store in a dynamic way. The information is based on previous activities and actions of customers in your store. Users can set up these ads by downloading Shopify apps like Facebook Dynamic Product Tools. This method has proven to be an excellent marketing automation activity.

Facebook ads

If you have a Shopify-powered store, you can run any ad objective that you want. Every shop owner can make individual category pages and product pages which lets them create dozens or even hundreds of custom audiences to attract potential clients. Once again, we should mention that Shopify comes with a wide array of application that let users use a do it yourself approach in order to finish this process. This means that you don’t need professional website designers for that.

Facebook Messenger

This is one of the latest sales methods used by many online sellers who are using Shopify too. This method looks like email marketing, but the difference is that almost all Facebook users are reading the messages they’ve received. So, if you have a business message for your potential clients, it’s very likely that they will read that message. Facebook Messenger integration with Shopify is easy and the best part is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money in order to test its efficiency.

Follow this short guide to maximize the effects of your Facebook store and Shopify integration.